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Perfect internship! I gained new skills and received the official certificate confirming my abilities! 

I met a lot of new friends. Low price for the flat! Looking forward to come back to Malta!


Niezwykłe wspomnienia, nowe przyjaźnie, profesjonalne doświadczenie:) Grecja to najwspanialsze miejsce na ziemi. Już chcę tam wrócić:) Jestem bardzo zadowolna z usług firmy i wszystkim serdecznie polecam SI! Szybki kontakt i fachowa pomoc w razie W :)


Cudownie spędzone 3 miesiące na Malcie! Jestem zachwycona swoją praktyką, poznanymi ludźmi oraz krajobrazem! Napewno tam wrócę! Dzięki SI!


Being a part of Polish team was just wonderful. I have really great memories, met cool people and visit many historical/beautiful places. I think Polish people are positivly crazy and very hospitable. I would like to thank SI for my internship, I'll never forget my stay here.


I started my internship in Warsaw full of fear. I was so nicely surprised! In a company I met many people whom till now I treat as family! I coudn't believe I was so lucky and met such a wonderful and nice people. Also, my mentor was so patient and nice, she believed in me till the end of my internship. I would like to thank her and a Student Internhsip company for this excellent time, internship, people and experience. Best regards from Berlin for Aga and Kamil! 

About us


Student Internship focus on arranging professional internships to foreign students. The enterprise offer various assistance to students and companies with one goal in mind, of providing the best services, e.g. providing reliable information for students interested in gaining work experience related to their degrees, introducing students to the companies available for co-operation and dealing with accommodation and transport difficulties.


Our competitive advantage is our own experience and contacts. Since the Management of Student Internship participated in the European student exchange programme Erasmus, we believe that our experience as well as understanding of the student exchange process will significantly influence our business activity. We are fully aware of the students needs while abroad and how to fulfill them in a professional and effective way.


The aspect that distinguishes us from other companies is the interview process. After being interviewed by a university, students will be also interviewed by us. Students will be selected carefully and honestly, according to their abilities and knowledge, which will influence the effectiveness of their work.


Our Mission is to:


- satisfy our clients

- cooperate with our clients on the basis of partnership

- provide professional conditions for our clients development

- actively participate in students social life



Our Vision:


- we help you to improve your skills and gain professional experience!

- we work to create your better future!

- we will inspire you to take great actions which altogether will advance your career!



Our Values:


- honesty

- trust 

- authenticity

- concern for our clients