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Perfect internship! I gained new skills and received the official certificate confirming my abilities! 

I met a lot of new friends. Low price for the flat! Looking forward to come back to Malta!


Niezwykłe wspomnienia, nowe przyjaźnie, profesjonalne doświadczenie:) Grecja to najwspanialsze miejsce na ziemi. Już chcę tam wrócić:) Jestem bardzo zadowolna z usług firmy i wszystkim serdecznie polecam SI! Szybki kontakt i fachowa pomoc w razie W :)


Cudownie spędzone 3 miesiące na Malcie! Jestem zachwycona swoją praktyką, poznanymi ludźmi oraz krajobrazem! Napewno tam wrócę! Dzięki SI!


Being a part of Polish team was just wonderful. I have really great memories, met cool people and visit many historical/beautiful places. I think Polish people are positivly crazy and very hospitable. I would like to thank SI for my internship, I'll never forget my stay here.


I started my internship in Warsaw full of fear. I was so nicely surprised! In a company I met many people whom till now I treat as family! I coudn't believe I was so lucky and met such a wonderful and nice people. Also, my mentor was so patient and nice, she believed in me till the end of my internship. I would like to thank her and a Student Internhsip company for this excellent time, internship, people and experience. Best regards from Berlin for Aga and Kamil! 



You have made the decision to take an international internship. Congratulations! You understand the value of this important educational experience which will provide your a professional and personal development.




- qualifications improvement

- gaining international experience

- English language improvement (in everyday situations and work environment)

- learn about different culutres, intergration with other nations, social inclusion

- certificate and references that are necessary in student's future career




- is more than 18

- is a member of European Union

- is able to communicate in English (both writing and speaking)

- is available for minimum 1 month internship





- CV is written in English and includes all the necessary information about the student: name and surname, address, birth date, telephone no, Skype nick (Skype interview)


- CV must include the student's picture


- Schools/Universities names have to be translated into English


- Perfect CV should be done in Europass. All the information is clearly described.


- Previous work/internship/volunteering should be described in a few sentences (student's responsibilities)


- The student should estimate his English skills according to CEF ( 





- Organization of professional internship abroad


- Accommodation 


- Welcome meeting


- Active assistance and support of Student Internship employees


- Help with finding a flight


- Information about the buses schedule form the airport to the flat and institution in which student will have the internship


- Updated information about upcoming events and trips for students in Malta (SI is not the event organiser)


- Information about country and its culture, places worth visiting and daily life


- Help with organising a few days' sightseeing


The indivudal transfer from the airport may be provided with the additional fee.



The internship fee depends on the placement's length and choice of services offered.

Please contact Student Internship to get more information about the programme.


We are happy to say while offering high quality services SI remains the cheapest in the market!


Thank you for your trust in us!Smile





The detailed information about an internship will be given to a student after 50% of the total amount will be transferred. The rest of the fee should be paid when the student get a positive outcome after being interviewed.
In case the student is not accepted for an internship, the transferred amount is refunded.






A few advices how to pay for your internship


One of the reasons that stand on our way to seek an international internship may be money. While everyone's personal situation is different. there are number of strategies that might help you to enjoy the uforgettable moments abroad and gained experience. Here are some advices you should consider.


1. Erasmus+ programme: Your international internship can be partially funded by Erasmus grant. The amount of Erasmus Grant received is usually dependant upon two factors; the country you are going to and the length of stay. Please be aware that Erasmus grant is meant to be used in addition to your existing finances and will not be enough to support you during your entire exchange. For more information please visit this website or visit Erasmus coordinator from your university.


2. Paid internship: Some of Student Internship offers are paid. It means that you can get money for your work as an intern. If you have not found any paid internship in our offers, please contact us. We are here to help you!


3. Work it: It is the best and the oldest way to get what you want. If you can, just earn it! You can put saved money into a special account. Remember, this is an investment in your future!


4. Personal savings: If you have the money put away already, congratulations! You have it made.


5. Help from your parents or a relative: We do know your parent  may have already spent a small fortune on your education, but they have done so because they want you to be succeed. If you explain your parents or relatives how important a student internship can be for your development and resume, you may be able to convince your parents to fund the programme or to loan your the money.


6. Scholarships: Are you one of the best students on your university? Do you have outstanding achievements in sport? You can apply for a university scholarschip. Without a doubt it will help you to get a title of an international intern.


7. Your employer: Have you had a job for a long time? It would be good to ask your employer to consider funding or helping  to fund your internship. As a worker with professional, international experience, as a conlucion of your internship, you will add value to a company you work at.


8. All of the above: Many students combine presented options to get money for their international internship. You can get a part-time job and ask your parents for some funds. Be creative and persistent. As the saying goes, where's a will, there's a way.


* Terms and Conditions are available upon the request or can be sent via email.

Rendering the services of SI automatically means that T&C have been accepted.