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Perfect internship! I gained new skills and received the official certificate confirming my abilities! 

I met a lot of new friends. Low price for the flat! Looking forward to come back to Malta!


Niezwykłe wspomnienia, nowe przyjaźnie, profesjonalne doświadczenie:) Grecja to najwspanialsze miejsce na ziemi. Już chcę tam wrócić:) Jestem bardzo zadowolna z usług firmy i wszystkim serdecznie polecam SI! Szybki kontakt i fachowa pomoc w razie W :)


Cudownie spędzone 3 miesiące na Malcie! Jestem zachwycona swoją praktyką, poznanymi ludźmi oraz krajobrazem! Napewno tam wrócę! Dzięki SI!


Being a part of Polish team was just wonderful. I have really great memories, met cool people and visit many historical/beautiful places. I think Polish people are positivly crazy and very hospitable. I would like to thank SI for my internship, I'll never forget my stay here.


I started my internship in Warsaw full of fear. I was so nicely surprised! In a company I met many people whom till now I treat as family! I coudn't believe I was so lucky and met such a wonderful and nice people. Also, my mentor was so patient and nice, she believed in me till the end of my internship. I would like to thank her and a Student Internhsip company for this excellent time, internship, people and experience. Best regards from Berlin for Aga and Kamil! 

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